Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Catalyst that started me thinking!

The wonderful thing about the internet is that access to information is so much easier.

Issues of interest that one reads in the main stream media, that catch the imagination, can be easily researched more deeply and quickly.

About a year ago, I read something in the news about someone working in the Far East for the UK Department of Trade and Industry, who had published a document called Brexcit. I searched the web for it. It was a paper that described a process route map on how the UK could gradually extract itself from the EU, politically and legally. And what Britain would need to do to succeed economically in Europe and the wider world , freed from the constraints of being in the EU.

As an interesting aside, I seem to recall his government bosses were none too pleased at the media attention that was created and was prevented from carrying out further media interviews.

A copy of the document can be found here...

When I read it, I thought it was quite a positive practical approach to considering just what would be required if Britain did decide to leave the EU. What we would have to do to succeed as a country outside the EU. 

The Brexcit Paper certainly allows the reader to think "outside the box."

For all of my adult life, we have been a part of Europe in its many guises, from what was called the European Economic Community (EEC) to what is now the European Union. Yet the history I learned at school was about Britain as an independent part of Europe and the wider world.

In terms of who will be voting in this referendum, I am at the older end of the spectrum. Everyone younger than me will only know life inside the EU. Many people older than me will have also lived their working lives as part and parcel of the EEC/EU.

Therefore, it is not natural for the average person to easily imagine life outside Europe. And as such, with human nature, being scared of something distorts a persons thinking.

As I mentioned in my first posting, I am not scared of the referendum result, either way. It was this Brexit document that allowed me this luxury.

I do hope both the YES and NO Camps, promote a positive vision for the future that they advocate following the referendum. They lecture foreign governments on the need for free and fair elections. So it will be interesting to see what happens about the period of purdah in the run up to the vote, that is currently being discussed. Politicians will only want to scare the voter about the opposite camp and impose constraints on the debate.

Oh for a decent fair open debate!

Back soon

......the Undecided Voter.

PS ....and just as an extra to ensure a balance of views, at this same site there is an interesting critic of the Brexit document.

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