Friday, 23 October 2015

Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate

On the 25th September 2015 at Glasgow University, there was Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate, entitled

"This House believes that the UK should remain within the European Union"

The recording unfortunately did not have a great sound quality so it is hard to hear the speakers argument. It can be found at:-

And looks like are not doing anything to improve the editing of it. If you do look at it, ignore the first 25 minutes!

Anyway, the one significant aspect that did come out of the debate was that those arguing to remain in the EU, wanted to remain in a reformed EU.

This is not the greatest of positions on which to advocate staying in, is it?

What are we staying in? An Institution that will change?

I think the Referendum is a good thing to have, but I have come to conclusion that the Leave or Remain options will mean completely different things to different people, as they place their X on the paper in that booth. Some will base their decision on the history of their experience. some on the current state of the EU. And some will base their decision on how they perceive the EU will change in the future.

The EU for sure will change and develop, and they will have to integrate more to make the Euro currency work properly. They already admit that there needs to be a new Treaty to make the changes necessary to strengthen the Euro currency.

One of the In advocates, The Scottish MEP, Ian Duncan,  admitted the EU was a very flawed institution and does need to change. He advocates reform, but unfortunately he gave no detail as to how he thought it should change. And not even in his own summary of the evening, found at:-

So I have resolved to find out what I can about the various pro-EU groupings that are advocating Reform for the European Union.

I also think I need to go back and read again the document that I mentioned in my blog titled

So this is the EU Agenda....!

The document is the 5 Presidents report by EU, that I have heard mentioned a few times now.

Back soon....

......the Undecided Voter!

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