Saturday, 12 December 2015

INside OUTside

The various campaign groups are still forming and developing their approach and pitch to the electorate.

In many respects, the IN campaign is held back by the fact that David Cameron is still negotiating our new relation with the EU; the reformed EU.

According to the UK laws on holding Referendums it is the Electoral Commission who will decide on one group from each camp that will receive the official funding from them. So I suspect there will be alot of mergers between now and the referendum.

For now though, I have listed below the various names and relevant websites with some brief information on them. The content shown in the websites will I am sure change and develop.

I hope this helps the reader to easily develop a broad understanding of how to answer the question being posed in the Referendum.

Errors and Omissions Excluded! I am happy to be advised of other sites etc. and will update this post as I discover other groups.


I have included here, people or organisations that are advocating reform of the EU, as well those simply advocating to stay in.

The In-Campaign

This was formally launched on October 2015

The front man in the former Marks & Spencer boss, Stuart Rose.

Executive Director Will Straw, who is the son ex-labour minister Jack Straw.

The Yes to Europe Campaign

Director - Peter Wilding
Director of Research - Nick Kent

They want to say YES to a reformed Europe.

Centre for European Reform

Business for Britain

This organisation is lobbying for renegotiated terms for Britain's EU membership. They are expressing concern over "ever closer union" with too much delegation of decision making.

Labour for Britain

This is a group of Labour Politicians that are keen to play an active role the renogiation of Britain's relationship with the European Union and to campaign for a reformed EU.


The Leave.EU campaign says they are a grass routs campaign that has no political affiliation.

It was formerly called the kNOw camp based on the theme that if you were "in the know" on the facts about the EU you would definitely decide to vote No!

Conservatives For Britian

Headed by Steve Baker MP is a group of Westminster MPs who are wanting to leave the EU irrespective of David Cameron's negotiations, but not all members of this group have made their membership public. I suppose that is because some of them are currently government ministers. 


Well known advocates of an exit, and some would argue that they were instrumental in getting us to the point  where we are actually having a referendum.

Nigel Farage is the party leader, but I suspect he is not the front runner to lead the official no  campaign.

The Bruges Group

An independent all-party think tank set in 1989 and named after Margaret Thatchers Bruge's Speech that inspired alot of "outers

Better Off Outer

An EU campaign group

Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign

This is an interesting site because it is run by members of the Labour party who question the merits of EU Membership

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